Competing with White Tours in DC with African American Tours

First I would like to thank The Godfather of DC Black History Mr. CR Gibbs for compiling all of DC’s Black History and to the many people whose shoulders I’m standing on in attempting to tell the stories of Black people here in DC. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would be the developer of two African American Tours in DC that actually have the potential to change my life forever. And breaking into this market with a black product has it’s own set of challenges and sometimes it can be very discouraging and in some cases down right difficult. One of the biggest challenges that I have had is trying to generate some media about the fact that there were no daily African American Tours in DC and finally that problem has been solved and I can get nothing or any attention. Now the easy part is to throw up my hands and blame the White man and watch my vision go up in smoke but that is not how my Grandma raised me because she always told me to keep banging on the head cause the a** got to die.  One of the things that I have noticed that most White people can’t handle the sometimes very brutal way white folk treated black people back in the day and often times they are shocked to find that the sale of slaves existed right at the foot of the Capitol which means a lot of people just don’t want to know that. So in reality people are getting an incomplete picture of DC when they just go from the US Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial which is why we start our Tours in Southeast DC at the Anacostia Metro Station and if you go on the Yelp App and search Capital Buddy Tours in DC you’ll notice I’m all by myself. Hands down I have the best Tour in DC and the day will come when I’ll have a waiting list for my Tours.

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