The purpose of the Black Codes
The oldest black church in DC

Frederick Douglass sat here
Gwen Ifil sat here in church
Abena Disroe and Frank Smith
Obama sat here when he came to Metropolitan
Frederick Douglass sat here
This was her Aunt’s name
Another fan of the late Gwen Ifil

The Peters sisters of Georgetown
Learning about Yarrow Mamout of Georgetown
Thurgood Marshall worked on Brown vs Board of Education here
Ben’s Chili Bowl

The launch of The DC Chocolate City Day Tour
Imagine what it was like trying to escape slavery
My new flyer

My Guerrilla Warfare Marketing Move!
The site of The Pearl Affair 1848
This is one of the Restroom stops on the tour
The Howard Theater
My very FIRST customer on The DC Chocolate City Day Tour
Rebecca was my first customer on The DC Chocolate City Tour here with the great grandson of Ms Emily Edmonson of The Pearl Affair at the Slave Museum


You’ll tour the grounds of The Frederick Douglass Home

The home where Marion Barry died.
Historical Black Cemetery where runaway slaves hid on the Underground Railroad
2nd best view of DC
We need to teach our youth their History
You’ll tour Metropolitan AME
Fort Stanton which is the site of the Panorama Room where Chuck Brown got his start
The DC Chocolate City Day Tour
CR Gibbs and the Honorable Frank Smith
The African American Civil War Memorial

The Best Day Tour of DC!


Our Tours are not taught in the History Books!


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(We do not advise driving to start location; please use taxi or metro.)


If you ever wanted to know what Black life was like in DC then the DC Chocolate City Day Tour is just for you or your group to submerse yourselves into the tragedies and triumphs in the lives of African Americans in the District of Columbia and we offer this Tour Sunday thru Thursday and you will experience different parts of the city that is off the beaten path. This Tour is about 3 1/2 to 4 hrs  long with restroom stops included and you’re allowed to bring snacks and seating is limited (14). We starts at 10 am in front of the Anacostia Metro Station on the Green Line ( Howard Rd. exit) and ending around 2pm at the African American Civil War Memorial located at 10th and U St. N W which is also located on the Green Line. Our Tours start in the section of Anacostia that was formerly known as Uniontown from 1854 to 1866 when it reverted back to the name of Anacostia which also had a strict covenant from the begining of no sale or lease of any property to anyone of African or Irish decent. On the DC Chocolate City Day Tour you’ll visit the MLK Memorial and tour Metropolitan AME(except on Sunday) which is the oldest continuously owned African American property in the District of Columbia and you’ll see Howard University and you’ll also visit the Thurgood Marshall Law Center which is the old Anthony Bowen YMCA(except on Sunday). On this Tour we will acknowledge all DC monuments even though we don’t stop at these places and you will also see the 2nd best view of Washington that is in the area of DC that was then a safe haven for African Americans to hide from slave catchers as well as you’ll visit the Frederick Douglass House and tour the grounds and you’ll also visit a Historical Black Cemetery where runaway slaves actually hid on the Underground Railroad. The Tour will finally end at The African American Civil War Memorial which is also on the Green Line at 10th and U St. NW and some of the things you’ll learn about and see on the DC Chocolate City Day Tour are the sites of  The Pearl Affair 1848, The Red Summer Riots of 1919 and the Snow Riots of 1835 which was the first Race Riot in DC. You’ll see the former sites of slave pens and contraband camps as well as the site of the slave auction block that existed at the foot of the Capitol in the Senate circle and you’ll learn about people like Yarrow Mamout, John F Cook Sr,  Tobias Henson, William Slade, Phillip Reid and the Edmonson  Sisters just to name a few. We can also customize a DC Black History Tour for your office or family reunion.

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All of our Tours start in SE DC in front of the Anacostia Metro Station(Howard Rd. exit) on the Green Line and all our Tours end at the African American Civil War Memorial at 10th and U St. NW which is also on the Green Line. Snacks only allowed and water will be provided.

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One of the best tours I’ve ever been on. I learned so much about my ancestors history in DC..This is a must do tour!

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