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DC Black History Night Tour

Just saw your sign on MSNBC, kudos. Every 30 secs you were on translates to thousands of dollars of ad time. I will call your tour on my visit, I will also add you to my Facebook and Twitter post. I will share with my sorority members also in my chapter DST.
It amazes me the blow back and hate others are spouting, for doing something that is not illegal at the same time supporting all of these crooks running the government.
Keep it moving. I remember the days of the Grammys when they used to laugh at hip hop artists who ignored the project they just won the award for to tell you instead when their next project was dropping. Now that’s the most dominant genre of music in the world. Now there are less laughter and others are adopting the same thing. I love being black and I love black people!!!


DC Black History Night Tour

Clever. Not hurting anyone. But still they CRY ! Grow up ! Would love to take your tour next time I visit. To all the haters just sit back,relax and watch all Trumps buddies go to jail.