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DC Black History Night Tour

Wow, some people hate to see black intelligence at work. Is it because you didn’t think of it first. I know, just jump on the band wagon and steal our ideas like you normally do. Jealous of another black entrepreneur who is promoting the good of his people. Here is a good idea you can use. Use the time you are wasting here and search your own origin and history. Talking about cheap and disgusting, you can’t get any lower than the actions that was taken in your history. We are learning who we truly are and at the same time, who you are as a people of faith. Notice I didn’t curse you or use any slang words to degrade you. That’s because I am not like you. Smile. i don’t hate anyone, just feel sad for those are lost. because, at the end of time, I will be judge by what I say and do, not by what you say and do. When I go to Washington, I will take the tour. We should thank the haters, they boost business and awareness.

Brian Shea

DC Black History Night Tour

Outstanding use of free advertising! Any time some Trump rat gets perp-walked in or out of court, your sign is right in their grill and in the camera. Love it!