With the partial government shutdown Museums in DC are closed which means all restrooms are closed. Be sure when you go on which ever tour you like to use the restroom before you leave. Potty johns are being provided and I personally would not like to make them one of my options.

Immediate Release

“For too long the African American Museums in Washington, DC have been under served in the tourism market and tourist have been afraid to come to SE DC and that’s about to change” says Don Folden who owns Capital Buddy Tours which specializes in African American History Tours in the nation’s capital.

On November 7, 2018 Folden plans to launch the first DC Black Museum Hop On/Hop Off Shuttle Service starting at the Anacostia Metro Station at 10:00 am. “We’re trying to not only attract tourists East of the River but we want to eliminate  all excuses and fears of not being able to reach these Museums for fear of their safety” says Folden. 

The shuttle service will run every hour from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm in both directions north and south seven days a week for a one day pass of $30 and a two day pass for $50. Folden says he’s in the process of having his website dcbmshuttle.com<http://dcbmshuttle.com> built and it should be up and running before the end of the October.

Folden’s Company, Capital Buddy Tours, was just featured in the June 10, 2018 issue of The Washington Post Magazine for not being afraid to share DC’s painful and sometimes ugly Black History and he was a onetime Mayoral candidate back in the 90’s. He can be reached at dcblacktours.com<http://dcblacktours.com> or 202-340-2017 for further information.

This was the night President Trump was elected and there was a lot of Press there and when I got out of my van I heard the voice of God say this is your Guerrilla Warfare Marketing Move. All I knew was I’m just starting these tours and I have one hell of an idea and I’m determined to make it work.

At this time I had pitched my idea to Viator and they loved it and since they were already established I knew I could direct people there with little to no problems which is why I had the sign made up. Now the new African American Museum was opening up downtown soon and people from all over the world would be coming here and I wanted in on the action and I had already created the DC Underground Railroad Tour and then I launched the DC Black History Night Tour.

Business was ok under Viator and at that time I was the only African American Tour in DC on their site yet every time I saw Tours being advertised on their site was always the white tours. And when I approached them about it I really didn’t like the response I was getting and I’m spending my money directing people to them.

Because of the lack of respect I thought I was getting from Viator I told them to remove my Tours from their site immediately. Mind you I’m just starting these tours and I don’t even have my own website yet but I have some tours already in the pipeline so I broke off on my own and that’s when I created Capital Buddy Tours.

At that time this domain name wouldn’t leave me alone dcblacktours.com so I purchased that also. Once I decided to leave Viator I said ok the same way I was directing traffic to their site I’ll do the same for myself and that’s when this journey started to get real interesting. I didn’t have much money so I had to lean on my creativity and that’s when I decided to run with my Guerrilla Warfare Marketing Move.

Guerrilla Warfare Marketing

Since launching my African American Tours in DC in 2016 I’ve had some of the most difficult challenges of my life and the only reason I haven’t given up is to keep these stories from dying on the vine.

As you can see I have not been shy about promoting my business with my Guerrilla Warfare Marketing Move and the biggest challenge I have is conveying our Black History because most of it has been hidden or destroyed. And the only thing I can do is point to a location that could now be occupied by anything and people are surprised at just how much Black History that exists here in DC.

”NO” this has not been easy but African American History is the best kept secret in America and sooner or later people are gonna develop a craving for this knowledge which is long overdue.

Right now America is on the verge of a race war and for some reason we have a lot of people that don’t realize we’re all on the same ship and if my half go down yours is not going to stay afloat. If we don’t  correct this flawed American History that we’re teaching nothing will ever change in this country and the lies and deception will continue to be perpetuated.

It’s amazing how little of African American History most white people know and the look on their faces when you shatter the lies they have been taught about us is priceless. These are some very painful, ugly, uncomfortable conversations that we just don’t want to have and that laddies and gentlemen is the “ROOT” of the problem. If we never deal with the truth nothing will ever change.


My grandson is a freshman at the University and when I went to see him he says granddaddy I saw a sign that reminded me of you. First I was shocked and then I asked how so and he said let me show you this sign and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The Underground Railroad went right thru the heart of the campus of The Ohio State University and I’ll bet you there are a lot of Buckeye graduates that are not even aware of this information. And with the racial climate that we have in this country today Ohio State could be the leader in starting a dialogue about race right on their own campus by exposing the students to this information which you’ll be surprised that most are not aware of.

Now we can safely say someone thought it was important to place these markers on campus and as you can see that it was only done in 2006. Even when my grandson and I was trying to locate the other markers “NO” one knew what we were talking about and I’m still wondering how could this be. (And by the way my grandson is gonna be “The Greatest” musician ever to come out of The Ohio State University.)



Marker 4 of 5

This is the first time in my life that I have seen an actual Slave Auction Block and out of respect and honor to the families torn apart and humiliated at this very location I lay this wreath. This is the painful, ugly uncomfortable American History that we don’t want to talk about and our history is the best kept secret in America.

The City of Fredericksburg should not remove this stone because all over America our History is either destroyed or hidden. And the fact that people can actually experience the actual location of this Slave Auction Block is priceless.

Paying my “Respect”


Slave codes enforced and encouraged the white people to believe that the blacks were inferior to them. The laws were demeaning, and legally gave whites even more ways to take away the rights of blacks. After slavery ended, people still believed blacks to be just as insignificant and inferior as they did before. Lincoln’s emancipation of the slaves did not change most people’s feelings about blacks as a race, because being allowed the power to deny the rights of another race had been acceptable for so long that when that changed, they still believed in what they had been taught or already agreed was normal and fair.

She was affectionately called “Lady Mollie” and she focused her life on breaking down barriers of discrimination in public places in DC. At the age of 91 she won a Supreme Court decision ending segregation in public places in the District of Columbia

Prior to the 1830s slaves made up the majority of the work force in DC and in Washington City which was downtown DC as we know it today had a 10pm curfew. In 1808 if you were free and violated curfew it would cost you $5 and by 1810 if you were free and violated curfew you got 6 months in jail and if you were enslaved you got 40 lashes.